Payroll Tax Debt Relief


This one gets so many businesses in trouble. The penalties and interest added for not paying your payroll tax and filing your payroll tax returns can be severe. The IRS is relentless when collecting back payroll taxes. The IRS is most aggressive when it comes to these types of taxes. If Payroll Taxes are not paid, you are putting your income, assets, and business reputation at risk. But this can be corrected. Didn't file forms 941 and 940? We can take care of this for you.


If these taxes (Payroll Tax 940/941) are neglected long enough, your business may be forced to close and all of your assets can be seized and auctioned off to satisfy the debt. We can prevent this from happening. Regardless if the business is closed, you must make arrangements to pay the taxes. Do not put this one off.


We have many years of experience dealing with payroll tax debt issues. This one cannot be ignored. Call us for a free tax consultation 605-646-3585.


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