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Tax Preparation and IRS Tax Problem Resolution based in Rapid City SD


If you're dreading Tax Day in Rapid City, SD, tax preparation with a certified public accountant is the next step. Be proactive and call Showalter and Co CPA today to put yourself in the best possible standing. We specialize in tax problem resolution. This could mean an offer in compromise or installment plan with the IRS. We can file many years of unfiled tax returns and help you settle your tax debt with the IRS. Back taxes owed, IRS notices, Payroll tax debt and late filed returns. We have seen it all and know the best way to tackle your IRS tax problems. Tax penalty and interest abatement. IRS hardship? Talk with us. We can help.


At our office, personalized service is our bottom line. We will know your numbers but not treat you as one. We are dedicated to client satisfaction, and that dedication turns our customers into clients who come back year after year. When you come in, you'll be afforded a free initial tax consultation, so there's no risk to getting educated about your situation.


If you're representing a small business, you're in luck: we're proud to be small business specialists. We will work with you individually for as long as it takes, providing extensive support and advice every step of the way. As you know, when it comes to small business, a minor error in bookkeeping can lead to a major loss. Don't wait for a mistake to be made to get the help you need. We have extended hours during tax season, so call right away at 605-646-3585 to schedule a meeting in our Rapid City, SD CPA tax office.


With Scott Showalter CPA in Rapid City, SD, tax preparation is a breeze! Don't take on the burden yourself. Let us take some of the weight off. Being burdened by so much paperwork only increases the chances that you'll make a costly deduction mistake, so don't put yourself at risk. Let us be your extra set of eyes, give us a call today at 605-646-3585.


We can get you tax relief with our tax resolution services


Good People have IRS tax problems through no fault of their own


We see this all the time. Good people, such as yourselves, through no fault of their own get themselves into bad IRS tax problems.


We pride ourselves in being dedicated taxpayer advocates. We step into your shoes and fight for the best possible tax relief outcome.


Whether that be an IRS payment plan or offer in compromise, we will solve your IRS tax problems with the professionalism that you would expect from a Certified Public Accountant. We have spent years gaining the knowledge and ability to effectively deal with the IRS on your behalf and get you a fresh start.


We have seen and effectively settled IRS tax debt for individuals and businesses. Payroll tax problems and back taxes can have a successful tax resolution in your favor. Perhaps you need help filing back taxes. We have filed back taxes for clients missing many years of not filed tax returns. Looking for an IRS Fresh Start? We handle this every day.


The IRS will start out sending you IRS tax notices and collection letters. Then they will resort to tax liens and will levy your bank account. Eventually, they will come to seize your assets.


All of this can be stopped and we do it every day. This is exactly what we specialize in. Stopping the IRS and getting you the best possible outcome for your situation just as we would do for ourselves. Set up a free consultation today. We can end the fear and worry from having an IRS tax problem hanging over your head. 




The Refund You Deserve...We offer the best tax preparation available for individuals and businesses. Our goal is to ensure that we maximize your tax benefit that is available to you under the law.

Tax Preparation and Tax Resolution in Rapid City, SD


Call us today at 605-646-3585, we would love to meet with you in our Rapid City, SD office or over the phone to discuss your tax preparation, tax planning and tax resolution needs. We have years of experience working through Internal Revenue Service IRS tax issues. We will advocate for you. Keep more of what you earn by visiting us in our Rapid City, SD tax office.


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Offer In Compromise

An offer in compromise allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount you owe. It may be a legitimate option if you can't pay your full tax liability, or doing so creates a financial hardship. The IRS considers your unique set of facts and circumstances, such as, your ability to pay, income, expenses and the equity in your assets. You need professional representation to get an offer accepted that does not break the bank for you. That's where we come in. Showalter and Co CPA will settle your tax debt for the lowest possible amount. 


Installment Agreement

An IRS installment agreement or payment plan is an agreement with the IRS to pay the taxes you owe within an extended time frame. An installment agreement or payment plan is used if you believe you will be able to pay your taxes in full within the extended time frame. The payment plan can be set up allowing you to pay it off in a timely and affordable manner for you. The benefits of a payment plan is that you will stop accruing additional interest and penalties, stop the IRS from taking any future tax refunds and take away any problems dealing with banks, such as, obtaining a loan or opening an account. Payment plans are different depending on how much you owe. We can set up the best option for you. 


Prior Year or Unfiled Tax Returns

Personal and Business, We can get your returns filed no matter how late they are. It's always best to file yourself instead of the IRS filing for you. It's just a matter of time before the IRS catches up to you. We can beat them to the punch and make sure your tax return is filed correctly. You need to have a certified public accountant (CPA) that is experienced in filing multiple years of unfiled tax returns. At Showalter CPA, we have the education and experience that you need to fix your tax situation.


Back Taxes Owed

You filed your taxes but could not pay at the time. So you ignored the debt and hoped that it would go away. Of course, it didn't. Now interest and penalties are adding up really fast. But that is not the end of the world, we have so many options to correct this situation. We do this every day. We know exactly how to tackle your tax problems in a way that will put you in the best position.  


Payroll Tax Debt Relief

This one gets so many businesses in trouble. The penalties and interest added for not paying your payroll tax and filing your payroll tax returns can be severe. The IRS is relentless when collecting back payroll taxes. But this can be corrected. Didn't file forms 941 and 940? We can take care of this for you. We have many years of experience dealing with payroll tax debt issues. This one cannot be ignored. Showalter CPA can fix all of your payroll tax problems. 


IRS Liens

An IRS lien is an encumbrance on your property to secure the tax debt that is owed to the government. A lien can be placed against you or your business. Liens will show up on your credit report and will basically ruin your chance for doing anything at a bank such as opening an account, getting a loan, buying and selling   your home. This can be fixed. We fix IRS problems every day. 


IRS Levy

An IRS Levy can wipe out all of your bank accounts. There's no end to which a Levy by the IRS can go. They can take your checking and savings account, your car, stocks and bonds, anything of value that they can use to settle your tax debt. We can fight against this. We can give you a fresh start with the IRS with the many solutions available. 


Wage Garnishment

The IRS can legally take a portion of your paycheck. Imagine waiting for your paycheck, having already planned out how you were going to spend it and it's gone! It happens all the time. We can negotiate the release of IRS wage garnishments by arranging a payment plan or one of the other solutions available in your situation. We can make this happen. 


IRS Seizures

IRS seizures is the taking of physical assets, such as your car, home or business property. This is usually the worst case scenario when dealing with the IRS. Assets seized by the IRS are sold at auction. They will sell your assets to the highest bidder with no regard to the value of your assets. Often times, for pennies on the dollar. The worse thing, you could still owe the IRS even after they have taken everything. WE CAN STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING. It should never get this far. Let us help you. 


Innocent Spouse Relief

Don't become the victim of what your spouse did. We can help. In many relationships, the financial duties are in the hands of only one spouse and sometimes that gets people in trouble with the IRS. 


IRS Notices and Collection Letters

This is how it all starts, one of the first things that the IRS will do is to send you letters and notices and more letters and notices! They can be extremely difficult to understand. Fortunately for you, we have many years of experience and education on how to best respond to the endless stream of letters and notices that the IRS will send out to you. We can make the letters and notices stop from the IRS with a well developed plan in place. 


IRS Revenue Officer

The IRS will escalate matters quickly at times. That's when they will send an IRS revenue officer to your home or business. You do not want to deal with an IRS revenue officer alone without proper representation from a qualified certified public accountant that specializes in tax problems. We can make the IRS revenue officers stop harassing you. We can take over all communication and negotiation with the IRS on your behalf.  


We Solve IRS Tax Debt Problems Nationwide


Need Help with IRS Tax Problems?


If you are like many Individuals, families and businesses across the country, you may be experiencing IRS or State tax problems. Whether you owe back taxes to the IRS or need to stop or remove a wage garnishment, tax lien, or bank levy, the good  news is that you do have tax relief options available to you that can not only help put your IRS problems behind you, but very much possibly save thousands of dollars too. To find out how you can protect your legal rights and assets and get relief from IRS debt, take a minute now to connect with the experts at Showalter CPA for a free consultation with an experienced Certified Public Accountant that specializes in resolving tax problems.


Help for IRS Tax Liens


When you owe federal taxes to the IRS or state taxes to an individual state, a tax lien may be filed as an enforcement measure against your name. This tax lien is a public record, which will appear on your credit report, making it very hard for you to sell property or secure a loan for a home, car, or many other needs.


Stop or Remove an IRS Tax Levy on your Bank or Other Assets


A bank levy is a forceful collection measure used by the IRS to collect on back taxes owed. Through a bank levy, your bank account may be frozen with the funds in your account sent to the IRS. Bank levies usually happen because many taxpayers ignore or wait too long to respond to IRS collection efforts. The IRS never goes away. They will always be on your back. We can stop this.


Stop or Remove Wage Garnishment


A wage garnishment occurs when the IRS sends an official letter to your employer requiring your employer to withhold a large percentage of your paycheck and forward it to the IRS for back taxes owed.


Help for IRS Payroll Tax Delinquency


When employers fail to properly withhold taxes on behalf of employees, the IRS my seize company assets or the assets of the company’s owner or owners. This could include bank accounts, property, or other possessions.

IRS Collection Letters


The IRS follows a certain set of rules for contacting taxpayers and taking strong enforcement action against taxpayers, such as, wage garnishments, bank levies, tax liens and more. That’s why it is a serious problem to ignore IRS collection notices and letters. The IRS does not go away on their own. We can make them go away.


If you have received a tax collection letter or notice from the IRS, Showalter CPA’s experienced staff can assist you in finding the best solution to solve your tax problem. Our professionals will work with you to understand your unique situation and find the most favorable tax relief solution for you. It’s important to understand that tax problems never go away. They only get worse and more stressful over time, unless you take action to exercise your legal rights to get the tax relief you are entitled to.


IRS collection letters and Notices


CP 88 Notice of Delinquent Return Refund Hold


This notice notifies taxpayers that the IRS is holding the taxpayer’s refund until a tax return has been filed or a reasonable explanation is given for why it was not filed. A reasonable explanation might be something like there was a fire and records were damaged or other circumstances. We would be happy to discuss your particular situation.


CP 90 or CP 297 Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of your right to a hearing


This notice indicates that the taxpayer still has a balance due on their account and that the IRS intends to place a levy on specific assets, such as bank accounts, real estate and other property unless the taxpayer takes action within a 30-day period. We can help you take that action. It’s simple, we do all the heavy lifting for you. As always, we give you a free no obligation phone consultation with an experienced CPA.


CP 297A Notice of Levy and Notice of your right to a hearing


CP 297A is a letter notifying you that the IRS has issued a Levy against your assets. This allows the IRS to seize your property, such as wages, real estate, and bank accounts.


CP 91 or CP 298 Final Notice Before Levy on Social Security Benefits


The CP 91 or CP 298 letter notifies you that the IRS intends to issue a Levy against 15 percent of your social security benefits as a result of unpaid taxes. You must pay the amount within 30 days from the date of the CP 91 or CP 298 notice or contact the IRS before they issue a levy and seize property. This is where we come in. We can contact the IRS on your behalf and find a reasonable solution that is in your best interests.


CP 503 Second Notice Balance Due


This very serious notice informs taxpayers that immediate action is required. This IRS letter states that the IRS has written to the taxpayer that taxes are owed, but the taxpayer has not contacted the IRS to respond. The notice further states that the taxpayer may be eligible to pay through an installment agreement or payroll deduction agreement, but if the IRS doesn’t receive a response, steps will be taken to collect taxes owed. We can correct this situation. Helping you with your IRS issues is what we specialize in.


CP 504 Final Notice Balance Due


This is an IRS last call of sorts; the CP 504 is a letter notifying you that the IRS intends to issue a Levy against your state tax refund because of an outstanding tax debt. The notice adds that the IRS is seeking other assets of yours to levy such as wages, real estate and bank accounts. Additionally, the IRS may file or has filed a Federal Tax Lien on your property such as bank accounts, wages and real estate allowing them to claim it as security against your tax debt. We can help you at any stage of IRS collections. Of course, it’s better to get started early. It’s never too late. Connect with us for a free phone consultation.


CP 2000 Notice Proposing Changes to the Taxpayers Return


This notice is sent to taxpayers when the IRS receives information from employers or other entities that doesn’t match what was reported by the taxpayer on their return. This is most often from a 1099 or W2 that was not included on the taxpayer’s original return. Sometimes it’s a mistake. Based on the new information that the IRS has, they then propose changes to the return and communicate to taxpayers what they may do if they agree or disagree with the proposed changes. There is so many ways to deal with this situation. We can help when the IRS changes your tax return.


CP 521 Notice Balance Due


This IRS letter informs taxpayers that a payment is due, and that penalties and interest have been assessed and will continue to accrue until the balance is paid in full. Getting one of these in the mail is a great indication that you need help. Why not explore all your options with a free, no obligation phone consultation with an experienced tax accountant that specializes in helping individuals and businesses with IRS tax issues? You have nothing to lose.


CP 523 Notice of Default on Installment Agreement


This notice informs taxpayers that they have defaulted on their installment agreement. This notice also provides the reason for the default, describes the actions the IRS plans to take, and communicates what taxpayers can do to prevent the IRS from taking enforcement actions. Ok, so you defaulted on your installment agreement. Is this the end of the world? No. Is it serious? Yes. We can help you in this situation. The key is that you do not delay and take action right away. Connect with us for a free tax help phone consultation.


Don’t ever ignore IRS Collection Letters and Notices. Putting it off will only compound the problem.


Help with Business Tax Problems


If you are self-employed or a business owner experiencing business tax or payroll tax problems, Showalter CPA can help you with experienced Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) and specialists in coordinating IRS settlements for businesses who are in need of protection and relief. This could not only give you much needed peace of mind, but possibly save you thousands of dollars and protect your business bank account, as well as, the personal bank account of the business owner or owners. Businesses in need of tax relief can receive their tax relief options immediately with a free tax relief consultation with a Certified Public Accountant. This is what we do. Day in, day out. We are passionate about helping business owners get on the right track and stay on that track. Protect yourself from harmful IRS action such as garnishments, bank account levies and liens.


Under Reporting Taxes or Under Reporting Income


When businesses under report taxes or under report income, there is a serious risk that the IRS could take strong enforcement action, including a bank levy, tax lien or other collection action. Keep in mind that the IRS has access to your bank account and the IRS can track your income and outgoing expenses and whether you are reporting your income accurately. Life happens and mistakes happen. We can correct this situation. This is what we specialize in. You can take steps to protect yourself, but time is of the essence. We must get started right away. Don’t delay. Get your free phone consultation today.


Failure to Pay Payroll Taxes


If you are a business owner who has not properly paid payroll taxes for employees, the IRS may pursue you vigorously through several strong collection and enforcement avenues including seizure of company assets, bank levies, tax liens and more. Payroll tax problems can lead to IRS payroll tax penalties, payroll tax liens, or payroll tax levies that can be very stressful and costly for businesses. That’s why it is so important for business owners, both small and large businesses, to get payroll tax issues resolved amicably with the IRS. This can be achieved through Certified Public Accountants who specialize in helping businesses resolve IRS tax problems through a negotiated tax settlement. These IRS tax settlements negotiated by Certified Public Accountants can help remove stress from business owners and possibly save thousands of dollars.


Regardless of the financial condition of your business, do not ignore IRS collection letters and calls.


Unfortunately, ignoring the situation is likely to make your situation go from bad to worse. Don’t wait to utilize the tax relief options you are entitled to under the law. We are here to help you navigate the options available to you to fix your payroll tax problems. Do you have a question or concern about a business tax problem or potential IRS collection action or enforcement action? We can help.


You will be very surprised to learn that you have a lot of legal business tax relief options available to you that could help remove stress, save you thousands of dollars, help protect your personal and business assets. Tax debt relief can be obtained from offers in compromise, installment agreements, back tax settlements and penalty abatement. There’s no reason to delay getting the help you need now. See your business tax relief options, find out what Showalter CPA can do to help you resolve your tax issue before it becomes far more damaging.


Remote Tax Preparation


We can remotely file your personal or business tax returns. Current and prior year returns can be filed remotely without having to make an office visit. Remote tax preparation by a Certified Public Accountant. You can rest assured, that you will get the best possible tax return filed that puts you first. We work for you, not the IRS. We have clients nationwide and have filed for individuals and businesses in all 50 states.

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